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Rev. Autrey is a non denominational wedding minister with over 30 years of experience. He enjoys working with couples to develop a meaningful and personal wedding ceremony.

Autrey performed his first Yosemite wedding in the Yosemite Chapel in 1985 and immediately knew this was where he wanted to live and work. Soon, Autrey and his wife Donna moved to Mariposa to do weddings in Yosemite.

As the founders of “Yosemite Weddings” and “YosemiteWeddings.com”, Autrey and Donna organized the first wedding network in the greater Yosemite area.

Over the years, YosemiteWeddings.com has grown to include the best of the area's vendors and venues – a valuable resource for couples wanting to get married here.

Donna Nassar works with Autrey, writing and editing ceremonies and providing coordinating services.

Autrey and Donna have helped thousands of couples from across the United States and dozens of countries plan their weddings. Their professionalism, attention to detail, integrity and genuine love for what they do has earned them an international reputation for excellence in the wedding industry.

The dedicated wedding professionals found on YosemiteWeddings.com have all been chosen because of their proven ability to provide quality service. Rev. Autrey and Donna have worked with these select vendors for many years and they all come highly recommended, not only by us, but also by wedding couples, other vendors and the wedding venues.

An added benefit of using these vendors is their experience and knowledge of the local venues and the many outdoor locations that the greater Yosemite area offers.

Working with people who enjoy their work, who know each other and enjoy working together will give you peace of mind - knowing that their goal is to make your wedding day beautiful, fun and memorable.


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