Yosemite Weddings Recommended Photographers

Johnny Stafford Photography


 Johnny Stafford Photography is an award-winning husband-and-wife photography team of Johnny and Cindy Stafford. Together they provide clients with a creative, yet personal approach to capturing Yosemite wedding day memories. 

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Krystal Preciado Photography


 Hi there, I’m Krystal! I'm a wedding photographer because I relish love stories!  From mountains to coastline, I have been blessed to live and photograph in some of the most beautiful areas of California.  

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Dan Warsinger Photography



My history as a professional photographer dates back more than 30 years in all aspects of photography.  From sports events, to the official photographer for the “Bracebridge Dinner” portraits at the Majestic Ahwahnee Hotel during the holiday season.

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Patrick Pike Photos


 I love the emotion and drama of a well-taken photograph; the way it speaks to me and the feelings it recalls. An excellent photograph requires the photographer and subject to be "in sync". Every time I pick up my camera, I work to create images that reflect these goals. 

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