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Each photograph is a fresh chance for creative expression

I love the emotion and drama of a well-taken photograph; the way it speaks to me and the feelings it recalls. An excellent photograph requires the photographer and subject to be "in sync". Every time I pick up my camera, I work to create images that reflect these goals.

I place a high value on the art of wedding photography to create your perfect photographs. During your wedding, I will move quickly to capture the day as it unfolds. My photos are free-flowing, yet controlled.

Each photograph is also a fresh chance for creative expression —no two photos are ever the same. Never content with remaining the same, I am constantly pushing my art forward, breaking new photographic ground at every wedding.

Originally from the beaches of Los Angeles, Patrick lives just outside of Yosemite National Park in the town of Mariposa and loves to spend his time outdoors with his family. He is equally at home hiking in Tuolumne Meadows and fishing in Bass Lake as he is behind the camera.

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Patrick Pike Photos

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 It’s something that’s right there in front of us if we take the time to enjoy it. It’s the beautiful moments in our lives in between the dark and light, something that once seen, can’t be unseen. Slow down, relax and enjoy the ride. It’s a beautiful life out there. 


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