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Having the right music can "make or break" any event, but it's especially important at your wedding.

As professional musicians and music contractors for more than 20 years, we've deejayed played literally thousands of weddings. And since we are one of a handful of wedding services vendors on Yosemite National Park's referral list for the hundreds of weddings there each year, we know how to make the musical part of your wedding uniquely memorable. It's your day, and it's our pleasure to make it personalized specifically to your tastes and wants.

The term "DJ" sometimes conjures up negative impressions, bringing to mind loudmouth stand-up comic wannabes who seem mostly interested in hearing themselves speak. That's not our style. At Yosemite Entertainment, it's your mood, your tone, your memories-in-the-making we will create - whether you prefer quiet elegance, boisterous fun, or anything in between. Want solo guitar or harp for your processional? Think a string quartet will set just the right tone for your pre-reception cocktail hour? Is a sophisticated jazz pianist what you've always dreamed of listening during the dinner? Or is your idea of a great wedding reception one that rocks out to energetic dance tunes that get all generations out onto the floor? Can't afford a live band, but still want all the various musical moods? Whichever you want — that's what we're there for.

We work closely with our brides and grooms beforehand, so we can mutually plan which musical styles will convey the right mood during specific stages of their celebrations. Whether using live musicians or "spinning" recorded favorites, we tailor the mood and texture to individual tastes. Let's work together to plan your personalized wedding music experience. We'll make it something that you will remember for a lifetime.

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